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Client Forms

   To save time before your massage, or just to be prepared, you can access a few forms that may be needed for your massage.


First Time Health Intake Form (To be filled out upon arrival)

 This form is always necessary the first time you get a massage, and sometimes again after some time has passed. A health history form is use to determine what is going on with you physically and if massage is appropriate for you. It is very important that you are completely honest with your massage therapist, the smallest thing overlooked can make a huge difference. Massage is to help you feel wonderful, but it should also help heal and improve your health.


Body Map for Clients

   This form can help the client further explain to the massage therapist where the issue exactly is and how the pain specifically feels on which muscles. This Form is not required to be filled out, and most of the time, the client can just come in and tell the therapist what hurts.

Client Feedback form

   This is a great tool to help improve your experience. This can be filled out and brought back the next time you receive a massage or filled out and sent in anonymously. Thank you in advance for your participation and feedback.

Physician's Permission form

   Sometimes when there are specific health issues, Doctor’s permission is required to receive a massage. This form is simple enough to take to your Doctor and have them fill it out so that the therapist will be cleared to give you a massage. If you are not sure what may need a note, call and ask. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and if you don’t ask and show up for your massage, the therapist can refuse treatment until a doctor’s note is provided.