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Teen and Tween Service

Teens and Tweens Services

Under the age of 18 years old. 

Sometimes younger people may have a harder time dealing with longer massage sessions, so we offer a customized session to your child. 

5 - 60 Minute Sessions available

10 mins- $20

15 mins- $25

20 mins- $30

25 mins- $35

30 mins- $40

35 mins- $45

40 mins- $50

45 mins- $55

50 mins- $60

60 mins- $70

90 mins- $100

(Under 8 years old- Less then 30 minutes may be best)


Choose from a A'la Mode Menu of creams:

*Chocolate Drizzle

*Brithday Cake Bash

*Coconut Candy

*Strawberry Delight 


Benefits of Massage Therapy for Teens

  Massage therapy is beneficial to everyone, all age ranges, and body types, including teenagers, helping to improve the growing teen’s mental health, biological health and emotional health. With rising pressure on our teens today, from society and the media, stresses are high and Massage therapy can help in a safe natural way.

   The divorce rate averaging about 50% of all marriages, the number of children and teens growing up in a divorced household are substantial. These teens could greatly benefit from massage therapy due to stress, anxiety and sleeplessness accompanied with their daily life. When your teen is under stress, the stress hormones kick in making it hard for the body to stay healthy. A healthy regiment of massage is proven to reduce stress hormones and increase happy hormones in the body naturally. Helping the teen to relax and enjoy life with a little less emotional stress.

    With the teenage years also comes soreness from sports and being active during the day. Changes in the body or behavior happen all the time because of puberty and hormone fluctuation. Puberty can’t be stopped and there are ever changing growth spurts throughout their teen years. They are on a rollercoaster ride of hormones and need to experience the calming effects of massage. Massage Therapy for Teenagers can help with growing pains, body image, and learning to feel comfortable in one's body. Regular massage helps promote muscle and joint health, increasing flexibility all while improving circulation. All benefits to the active teen lifestyle.

    As far as health goes, teens worry a lot about their bodies. Biological changes happen whether they want it to or not. The teenage body is in the midst of transformation, exponential growth and development, where massage therapy can be greatly effective. Consent forms must be signed by a parent or guardian for all patients under age 18.